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Plastic Bags

Our Facility

Our 48,000 square foot manufacturing facility is one of the largest manufacturing facilities in Rice Lake, Wisconsin. The space consists of our offices, warehouse, recycling and production divisions. Our customer service personnel stand ready to take your order, give quotes, check the status of your order, track a shipment, or answer questions you may have regarding our operation here at Shadow Plastics, Inc.


Our Production Process

This photo shows a 50 foot Blown Film Tower we designed and built to suit our needs. The design allows for friendly operator use and optimizes the necessary cooling requirements for the blown Film "Bubble", allowing us to maximize production. We designed and built our manufacturing facility with a superb 'manufacturing flow process' in mind. Our resin is shipped to us via railcar from resin producing countries in North and South America. Each railcar can hold up to 200,000 pounds of resin. Buying in bulk costs us less and saves the customer money. Resin is conveyed pneumatically from the railcar into one of our 220,000 pound capacity resin silos.Pallet Covers From the silos it is then conveyed to blenders at each extrusion line. By blending different resins, we can achieve different physical properties or results depending on what the customers requirements may be. For this reason, we must keep many different types of resins and additives on hand. After the resin is blended, it enters the extruder where it begins the extrusion process. It is electrically melted to approximately 400 degrees Fahrenheit and forced into a circular die while in a molten physical state. Air is then blown from the inside of the die to form the "bubble". The bubble is pulled up into the air nearly five stories to cool by a set of nip rollers which also traps the air in the bubble and sends the film back down to the ground level as a flattened tube.Large Plastic Bags/Covers

From this point we can make tubing, sheeting, or bags. We can also print the film to the customers requirements. Plastic BagsThe manufacturing flow process continues through our plant to either our shipping docks or warehouse storage racks.

We make bags both in-line right off the extruders, or, as shown in this photo, we can make them to order with a converting bag machine. We keep up with modern technology of plastic film and bag making - as you can see from our modern, state of the art facility and equipment. Take a look at our photo gallery below for more details.


Our Recycling Division

Our recycling division Plastic Bags can convert thousands of pounds of scrap bags or plastic into reusable resin pellets. This recycling process begins with rough scrap that is shredded into small flake-like pieces as shown in this picture. Next, the shredded scrap is melted and mixed into our reprocessing line. Our reprocessing line converts the scrap into pellet form to be used again in production. We purchase scrap from other plastic facilities, please contact us if you can utilize this service. You can help the environment by purchasing our recycled products. Whether it's recycled or virgin FDA resins we can meet your product requirements.


Facility & Production Process Gallery

Our state of the art facility can produce all of your plastic film product needs!

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