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Garbage Bags


Our garbage bags are noted as being favorites among janitorial supply companies and schools around the country due to the thickness and strength of our bags.We sell our garbage bags bulk packaged...this reduces labor and packaging costs and saves you money.

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Tote Liners


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Our tote liners are made to hold up under industrial warehouse conditions. They will provide a reliable barrier to protect both the tote and items stored within.

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Custom Bags


Shadow Plastics' custom bag niche started with small minimum runs that the "big guys" wouldn't run. Even through our growth, we have not abandoned or raised our minimum run quantities. Contact us for a quote on your custom poly bag or film requirements.

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Medical Bags

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We also can produce customized medical disposal and sanitation bag products for biohazard materials or auto clave applications. This product material is extra robust and very heat tolerant.

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Food Storage

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Food storage bags are produced for your exact storage purpose. We can ventilate, custom print and provide the strength needed for your product.

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Special Use

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There are several types of special use storage bags we have for standard orders. These include Florist bags, Ice bags, Maple Syrup bags and Wood Shavings bags. Remember, we can custom produce any bag you need!

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Bakery Bags

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We stock a wide variety of bakery bags in regular and heavy thickness. Most orders received by 10:00 am can be shipped out the same day.

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