◆ Custom Product Additives and Options ◆

◆ Plastic Additives ◆



A strength enhancing additive that increases tear and dart strength characteristics to the film/bags.


Fractional Melt Additive:

An impact modifier and commonly used for shrink film applications.


Clarity Additive:

Increases optics for better visual of products packaged within.


Low Slip Additive:

If you need film/bags with a low slip, this additive produces a tacky outer surface for stack ability, etc.


High Slip Additive:

If you need film/bags with a higher slip outer surface, this additive produces a low coefficient of friction (COF).


Anti-Static Additive:

An additive use primary to dissipate electrostatic charges, such as for computer parts packaging, or if the packaged product will be stored around combustible chemicals, etc.


Corona Treatment:

A process the film goes through where an electrical current is applied to the surface of the film web to burn off the slip and make the film porous in order for adhesion to take place such as printing ink applications or tape adhesion.


High and Low Density:

High density polyethylene (plastic) has greater tensile strength characteristics and less flexibility. Low density polyethylene has greater flexibility and more stretch properties.


◆ Custom Product Options ◆


Individually Cut:

A bag or film item is cut and packaged as individual items in a case.


Perforated on a Roll:

Film or bag items are perforated and kept in roll format for shipping.



Embossing gives the film a textured pattern that may be useful as separation layers between frozen products, or it will aid in cooling hot products to avoid sticking to the plastic - or each other.


Gusseted Tubing:

Edge folds are gusseted before rolling film tube flattening and making roll more narrow.


Single & Double Wound:

Sheeting can be rolled as a single or double layer for storage purposes.


Fold Styles:

Sheeting can be folded onto a roll in many styles including J-sheet, C-Fold and M-Fold.


Edge Sealing Bags:

Edge sealing options include side seal, bottom seal and side weld. Side weld and side seal bags can be made with lips at the mouth of the bags.


Vertical and Horizontal Perforations:

Perforations can be applied in perpendicular or horizontal directions on bags or film during production.



Wickets are staple-like bag mounts that act as a dispenser, they assist in holding the bags while bag contents are inserted. They are commonly used in bakery and automation packaging.


Artwork Printing:

We can print your trademark, logo or brand image on most custom products.



If your application required ventilated film, we can place various size vent holes ranging from micro-perf size to half inch diameter holes.


Coreless Rolls:

If your application doesn't require a roll spindle, we can leave out the cardboard core.


Die Cut Handles:

Bags or film and have handle holes punched for handling purposes.

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