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Our Shadow Plastics, Inc. was founded in 1970 by Alvin Schissel and Gordon Willson. At that time, Shadow Plastics exclusive service to the plastic industry was in reprocessing poly film. It wasn't until the mid 1970's that Shadow started to blow Low Density film.

In 1986, Gordon Willson sold his share of the business to Alvin Schissel who had exclusive sole ownership until retirement on December 24, 1992. At this time Shadow was handed down to the second generation of the Schissel family. The current officers of the company are; Terry G Schissel, President - and Troy A. Schissel, Vice President. Shadow Plastics has grown in the polyethylene film market over the last two decades and has expanded its capabilities.

Major Fire At Shadow Plastics April 15th 2000

On April 15th 2000 Shadow Plastics had a major fire that demolished most of our building. As you can see from the pictures below most of the roof in a large portion of our building had collapsed.
Due to the rainy weather and the extensive work by the local Fire Department most of our basement was flooded and much of what was on the first floor collapsed into the basement.
While most of our building was demolished and our computers burned by the fire we were still open for business. This is largely due to the quick response of local businesses such as the phone company, and our local computer company. Our offices were located in a temporary building nearby, and all of our phones had been routed there. Luckily all of our daily tape back-ups were located in a fire proof safe, and most of our data was recovered quickly, which allowed us to get back to work.

A New Beginning

Something great came out of our disaster, a new facility. Our 48,000 square foot manufacturing facility is one of the largest manufacturing facilities in Rice Lake, Wisconsin. The space consists of our offices, warehouse, recycling and production divisions. Our customer service personnel stand ready to take your order, give quotes, check the status of your order, track a shipment, or answer questions you may have regarding our operation here at Shadow Plastics, Inc.

Historical Picture Gallery

Our state of the art facility can produce all of your plastic film product needs!

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