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Medical Bags

Autoclave Bags & Film

Autoclave bags are designed to be exposed to steam and heat at high pressure, decontaminating the materials inside rendering them sterile. We can produce them in various thickness as required by our customers.


Biohazard Bags & Film

Biohazard bags are design to dispose of health hazard materials. These may include human cells or tissue, infectious agents, blood products and lab utensils. Biohazard bags and film can also be produced in various thickness.

Our medical products may be printed with OSHA standard biohazard symbols, custom artwork or text. Contact us now regarding your specific medical supply film needs. You can inquire about Medical and Hazard products on our quotation request page or by contacting us today!

High Temp Autoclave Film High Temp Autoclave Film.

Printed Biohazard bag Printed Biohazard bag.

Printed Hazard bag Printed Hazard bag.

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