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We are partnering with a manufacturer of this biodegradable additive and the following information is validated by *test result data performed by the University of New Mexico. Test results can be provided to you, by request, to show the degradation process. Shadow Plastics guarantees to mix in the correct amount of Biodegradable additive recommended by our supplier. We use a unique proprietary additive that when mixed with polyethylene or polypropylene renders the plastic resin completely biodegradable in 1-5 years. This additive is easy to mix, and can be used in every process without changing machinery.

It does not change the physical properties of bag or film. It has an indefinite shelf life until being placed in an active microbial environment, such as:


  • ◆ A Landfill, where 94.7% of all plastic ends up
  • ◆ In litter form
  • ◆ A commercially compostable facility
  • ◆ A personal compost bin
  • ◆ Non-Starch Based Additive, NOT effected by Light, Heat or Moisture.


Standard Order Biodegradable Bags
Product Type Dimensions Thickness Case or Roll Count Unit Price Discount Pricing for 5 units and up!
Biodegradable Bags 33 x 39 inches 1.5 mil 10 bags per roll Request Price! Discount pricing, Get Quote!
Biodegradable Bags 33 x 39 inches 1.5 mil 18 rolls of 10 per case Request Price! Discount pricing, Get Quote!

Biodegradable bag sample Biodegradable bag sample.

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